What does it take to be a fundraiser?

August 17, 2012 by admin

What does it take to be a successful fundraiser in the non-profit world?
Is it all about who you know? big corporate sponsorships? grants?
This weekend I found out that less than 10% of non-profit funds actually come from grant dollars and corp sponsorship. So what does that tell us? The majority of funds come from people you know in your community.
I am learning that fundraising is about sharing stories, building culture, developing ambassadors for your cause, transferring belief and enthusiasm, gaining trust and buy-in, giving insight, sharing vision and WHY people’s dollars and resources truly make a difference and change lives. I am so thankful to be fundraising for my family’s non-profit, First Base Foundation. We use sports as a vehicle to build character and give young people a chance to realize their dreams in higher education and professional sports. It personally felt great to give just $50 to FBF because that money directly helped 1 kid get a new baseball glove and have the time of his life this summer playing ball. I’m looking to help not just 1 but 10 kids get new equipment this year!

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